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Welcome to the Official Rules page for NEMESYS-NETWORK, here you will find our General Network Rules.  Failing to follow these rules will result in one of the listed punishments. Please note that Staff can punish for offences not listed here, and these rules apply to all members on the Network regardless of their role. If you have found a rule breaker please report them in our Discord. We try our best to keep NEMESYS-NETWORK safe and comfortable for all players.


Please Note: You are held responsible for what happens on your account.


Using our discord chats to communicate after being punished may result in a ip-ban for punishment evasion!!

Main Server Rules

  1. Spam [3+ Same Messages, Clogging Up Chat, 10+ Characters & 3+ Same Command/DM]
        Warning, 30 Minute Mute.
  2. Bullying, Player Disrespect & Inappropriate Messages (NSFW)
        6 Hour Mute, 12 Hour Mute, 3 Day Mute.
  3. Racism, Homophobia & Transphobia
        Permanent Ban.
  4. Griefing & Stealing [Mass Griefing Included]
        30 Day Ban, Permanent Ban.
  5. Staff & Server Disrespect
        1 Hour Mute, 3 Hour Mute.
  6. Advertising
        Permanent Mute.
  7. Self Promotion
        14 Day Mute.
  8. Unfair Advantages [Hacking + AutoClicking]
        30 Day Ban, Permanent Ban.
  9. AFK Bypassing
        7 Day Ban, 30 Day Ban.
  10. Ban Evasion
        Permanent IP-Ban.
  11. Mute Evasion
    Permanent IP-Mute.
  12. Non-English Speaking
        Verbal Warning, 15 Minute Mute, 45 Minute Mute.
  13. Fighting & Drama Discussion
        Warning, 1 Hour Mute.
  14. Inappropriate Usernames & Skins
        Permanent Ban (Appeal When Changed).
  15. Political & Religious Discussions
        Warning, 30 Minute Mute.
  16. Refusing to Leave a Location
        1 Day Ban (If Reported).
  17. Nickname Abuse [Obfuscated nicknames]
        Nickname Removed & Warning, 30 Minute Mute, 1 Hour Mute
  18. Inappropriate Builds
        14 Day Ban, Permanent Ban.
  19. Inappropriate Item Names
        Name Removed & Warning, Item Deleted, 1 Day Ban.
  20. DOX, Swat & DDoS Discussions
        Permanent Ban.
  21. Death Threats
    Permanent Ban.
  22. Duping & Lag Machine Discussions
        Permanent Ban.
  23. Disability Slurs
        Permanent Ban.
  24. Suspicious Links
        Permanent Mute.
  25. Paedophilia
        Permanent Ban.
  26. Minor Homophobia
        6 Hour Mute, 1 Day Mute, 7 Day Mute.
  27. Rule Breaking Encouragement
        Punished for encouraged rule to be broken.
  28. Triggering Topics
        6 Hour Mute, 1 Day Mute, 7 Day Mute.
  29. Sexism
        12 Hour Mute, Permanent Mute.
  30. Discussing Punishments
        Warning, 30 Minute Mute.
  31. Scamming Players
        7 Day Ban, 14 Day Ban, 30 Day Ban.
  32. Trolling
        Permanent Mute.
  33. Bug Abuse/Glitch Abuse
        Permanent Ban.
  34. Tp Killing / Lava Killing / PvP Off Killing
        7 Day Ban, 14 Day Ban, 30 Day Ban.
  35. Staff Impersonation
        Warning, 7 Day Mute, Permanent Mute.
  36. Sexual Harassment
        Permanent Ban.